A Pass Stings Ugandan Musicians

Keep your dignity

By  | Aug 10, 2020, 08:16 AM  | Apass  | Drama

Controversial musician A pass has surprised many when he came out to share his mind on how artists in Uganda are blinded by money and fame ,which gets to their heads and makes them lose sight of the bigger picture.

The ''Wuyo'' singer went ahead to spew some words of wisdom to help guide their course on this journey.He shared a simple and precise message for everyone boasting and bragging around with internet fame.

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The singer advises all those bossing around with “the hot pocket fame” to go slow highlighting that it will fade away in a minute because it is just a game.
''Manners and respect will take you places, don’t be miss led by the hot pocket internet fame because that can fade away any second, it’s all a game.''

He also cautioned everyone not to be fooled by likes and comments reasoning that some people like posts but in real sense they don’t mean it.
''Don’t be fooled by likes and comments. Some people don’t like but in real sense like and others like but in actual sense don’t like.''
He concluded.
Photo Credit: Apass Youtube