Bebe Cool Comes At Bobi Wine As Election Tension Heightens

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By  | Aug 26, 2020, 08:10 AM  | Bebe Cool  | Drama

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Bebe Cool is back and not in the mood to entertain Bobi Wine and his fans. Without mincing his words, he showed up in one of his first public videos after a long time asking National Resistance Movement party die hards to stop talking about Bobi Wine as this will only make him trend, something that is not really necessary since he has not earned it.

The two artists have always had a very confusing relationship that one would maybe refer to as a ‘’Love-Hate’’ relationship since they have supported each other in the music industry and even at some point been very good friends though lately, they have been so vocal at challenging each other and calling out each other on being so unreasonable in the decisions they make.

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Bobi and Bebe could not disagree more politically, as they both support and root for different parties that are rivals at that. During a video shared on his Facebook page, Bebe has revealed that his fellow NRM supporters have given way too much attention to Bobi making him trend, a right he has not earned and does not deserve.

The musician also notes how lawyer Male Mabirizi is doing the most to make sure Bobi Wine keeps trending and calling him out for having impure intentions. 

“Mabirizi is trying whatever it takes so that Bobi Wine can keep on trending, this is something NRM bloggers have not yet realized. Stop giving attention on everything about Bobi Wine you are helping him to trend. Talk about the good roads and hospitals don’t put your focus on Bobi Wine all the time, the more you post him, it’s the more it works for him.” says Bebe.
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