Bebe Cool Outed By His Barber For Fleecing Him Over 3M Worth Of Haircuts

Crazy !

By  | Sep 23, 2020, 05:54 AM  | Bebe Cool  | Drama

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We initially thought that the only problem Bebe Cool had to deal with were those to do with politics since we all clearly know he is very vocal and unapologetic when it comes to that subject, and maybe the other thing would be fights and arguments with fellow musicians whom he has made to believe that he is the best to ever do it, only that they have not put him on that pedestal he so much wants and desires.

It looks like the man has more problems than we expected , and no one thought that paying barber bills would be one of them but alas.. here we are. Popular city hairstylist Mart Barber says that singer tries so hard to live a lavish lifestyle that he cannot afford and only plays rich to the public eye yet he never pays his bills.

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Mart Barber has come out to expose the ‘Munene’ hit maker for utilizing his barber skills and services together with other members of his family but failing to pay and clear his arrears promptly. He instead leaves them to articulate giving him empty promises and excuses that he will clear him in due time but in vain. 

''Bebe Cool is a very ill-mannered person. He is not a good person at all according to his behaviors. When you stay with him for a long time you get to understand him and that’s why his last haircut wasn’t styled by me because you can demand for your money and get tired.

He can no longer come to my salon for hairstyling basing on what he did to me during the lockdown period, we chose to part ways because I demanded my hairstyling payments until I got gave up on him.I actually earned very little cash from him because if he were at the salon, I would have charged him a million shillings but he just gave me only Shs 350,000. That money can’t even purchase tea for a person and had worked on 12 people, imagine!

I’ve been demanding him for the past six months and the debt had accured to Shs 3million but I found out that he lacked knowledge because my working with him wasn’t based on money oriented but he placed money first and we fell out because of not paying me. He is a fool.''
He revealed this whileon NBS TV’s UnCut show.
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