Bebe Cool Trolled Over Nkuruziza Death Comments

No kind words for him

By  | Jun 11, 2020, 06:57 AM  | Bebe Cool  | Drama

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Controversial musician, Bebe Cool has found himself on the receiving end of trolls for comments he made questioning the death of Burundi president, Pierre Nkuruziza who passed on Tuesday due to a heart failure.

At the time of his death, Nkuruziza had been president of the Republic of Burundi for over 15 years and was getting ready to step down in a time not so far away according to reports from his team. 

The cause of his death has still not sat well with many people. Several of them have been speculating and questioning the government’s account on his death given the fact that his wife, first lady Denise Bucumi, is currently recovering from the corona virus in a Nairobi hospital after being evacuated late last month for treatment. It is also said that two other officials that work in his office are also seriously ill. 

Bebe just like most people found it necessary to share his own opinions on this issue but ended up rubbing social media fanatics the wrong way. He took to his social media and posted :

 “Amateur politics is self-poison and that’s why I support president M7, as in when you eat a frog, always eat a fat one. How does a man with such physical fitness health wise die of a heart attack? Am just a musician and what do I know? Anyway Just asking, putting the wife’s condition of being flown to Nairobi for Corona virus treatment aside, do Kenyans have the cure for covid-19?????? Rip president Nkurunziza.”  wrote Bebe
His post attracted a lot of comments questioning his reasoning and trolling him for always thinking he has to say something about everything. Many questioned his brains and logic while brushing off his comments as mere stupidity. 

It is not the first time the musician is coming under attack for his opinions. By now, we should all know that Bebe loves the spotlight and does not care whichever means he uses to get it. He is also very opinionated and does not care about what others think so he has left his post standing and is very unapologetic about it.

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