Bebe Cool Will Not Be Endorsing His Son For VP Seat

Is everything okay with these two?

By  | Apr 14, 2022, 09:39 AM  | Bebe Cool  | Drama

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Paper Daddy, who happens to be Bebe Cool's son and better known as Allan Hendrick, was on Monday nominated for the second highest seat in the Uganda Musician Association (UMA) and will be contending against Daddy Andre, Kalifah Aganaga, and Hanson Baliruno. 

Bebe Cool has not yet officially given his endorsement for his son leaving us wondering why. Allan, however, said that his win is not pegged on his father’s endorsement and that he will win by his own merit.

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He has asked his fans to judge him based on his manifesto and the character that he has displayed instead of using his father to get him credit. "I don't think I need daddy's endorsement to win. I want my fellow musicians to look at what I am bringing to the table to vote me into the office," he explained in an interview.

Allan is a software engineering graduate from the International University of East Africa and is therefore basing his campaign on digitizing the music industry and revolutionization of the industry using advanced technology.

Allan will be running against Kalifah Aganaga and Daddy Andre. He is however unafraid of the competition and believes he can win it. Paper Daddy claims that his manifesto is strong enough to beat the rest of the contenders on the list.


Artist, musician and hit maker Andrew Ojambo well known as Daddy Andre has also joined the race for UMA vice president seat. Daddy Andrew was among those musicians that were given their nominations on Monday. His manifesto one he becomes Vice president is to take Ugandan music across borders and make it international.

He will also ensure that the music is of high quality and impactful to the younger generation. “I am contesting for UMA vice president 2022. Support me to cross Ugandan music cross borders, bring back dignity of the music fraternity, and also bring about quality production for the young generation.” “The Time Is Now,” he said.
The contender for the Treasurer seat will be George Kigozi popularly known as Geosteady. He asked the musicians to trust him with their money and any money related to the organization. In his announcement, he promised the musicians that he would be very honest and open when it comes to money. He also asked them not to judge him based on his relationship scandals and that he would oversee the accounts very well.


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