‘’I’m Ready For A DNA Test’’ – Beenie Gunter On Child Neglect Allegations

Wants to clear his reputation

By  | Jun 24, 2020, 07:03 AM  | Beenie Gunter  | Drama

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Baguma Crescent aka Beenie Gunter has been dealing with child neglect allegations since a 22 year old only known as Fiona Akankwansa showed up out of nowhere and started making media rounds with the intention of pinning her pregnancy and child on singer Beenie Gunter, who has denied ever having coitus with her.

In fact the singer is so adamant he has nothing to do with the child and is willing to fight to keep his reputation clean .

For several days now, 22-year-old Fiona Akankwasa has been appearing on different media channels with accusations pinning Beenie Gunter to fathering her child. She claims to have developed an intimate relationship with the Talent Africa singer after they met at Namugongo-based Latino Bar in 2017. She goes ahead to claim that she conceived the baby with the star in December that year.

Her claims take a rather extreme end when she says that Beenie Gunter got to know about the pregnancy and suggested that she aborts it, something that Fiona refused to do. She would later pay for that, when Beenie cut off all connection and communication with her.

In response to the ongoing allegations, Beenie Gunter confirmed that he met Akankwasa when he went to perform at Latino Bar. He, however, didn’t keep touch with her beyond the photo they took together.

Beenie reveals he was shocked to hear of the allegations and they have psychologically tortured him and his household. The singer also said that he is willing to take a DNA test to clean his image .
To clean my name, they can come and we take a DNA test. I am a responsible man, I have taken care of so many people. Nothing can stop me from taking care of the baby if it is confirmed mine.
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