Big Eye Files Lawsuit Against President Museveni

He wants to get paid

By  | Jun 24, 2020, 08:30 AM  | Big Eye  | Drama

Troubled musician Ibrahim Mayanja aka Big Eye is looking for all ways to make ends meet given the tough situation he is in right now.

The singer who recently recorded a video that he shared on social media revealed to his fans that he is dead broke and bankrupt after buying a house that he failed to pay for, landing himself into deep trouble with the brokers and owners that have given him sleepless nights and made him lose peace of mind. In the video, he also seems to be asking his friends for help. 

Now we guess he has found someone that would help him out, but first: he has to hit them with a law suit! In the past days, Big Eye has been claiming that the National Resistance Movement political party owes him a large sum of money for performing at H.E President YK Museveni’s campaigns in 2011.

He hoped that if he received this pay, it would help him settle his alleged Ugx. 450 Million debt. The self-proclaimed ‘Star Boss’ has now come for the NRM political party with intention to sue them alongside their chairperson, H.E YK Museveni if his payment is not met.

According to the letter from his legal team, KM Advocates and Associates , Big Eye was part of the Presidential elections that year as a performing artiste. His musical performances undoubtedly contributed to the re-election of the NRM chairperson in the office of the President with 68.38% of the vote in the 2011 General elections.

The lawyers also claim that their client ought to have been fairly and reasonably remunerated not only on a contractual basis but also on grounds of intellectual property law. 

They further note that should NRM fail to heed the demands set out in the letter within a period of 14 days, upon receipt thereof, their stem instructions are to invoke all possible legal remedies against them.
Photo Credit: Big Eye

Barely a week ago, socialite Shanita Namuyimba aka Bad Black was also threatening to sue the Government of Uganda, in particular, the Health Ministry for failing to pay her after she shot a campaign advert against the COVID19 pandemic that was used by the ministry to promote the campaign.

Photo Credit: newsaf