Biggest Celeb Beefs

They just don't get along

By  | Feb 02, 2022, 06:53 AM  | Drama

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We all love a little drama to spice up our lives. And who better to serve us the drama other than our celebs.

Some celebs know how to attract drama just as well as poop attracts flies. If they are not in the airwaves making news, they are busy creating beefs with their fellow stars.

Let’s take a look at some of the most prolific celeb beefs in Uganda.

Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine

These two big names in the Ugandan music scenes have been at it for ages. We can remember a few years back when Bobi Wine tried to encourage his fans to vote for Bebe Cool in the MAMAs award but Bebe clapped back at his gesture calling him a drug addict and an illiterate.

Their dormant beef was reignited when Bebe Cool accused Bobi Wine of faking his injuries to get attention.

When Bobi Wine was released after around ten days in police custody looking all weak and beaten with complaints of police brutality, Bebe Cool came out to attack his claims saying that the injuries were self-inflicted and a way for Bobi to seek attention.

This did not sit well with Bobi’s fans and supporters who booed Bebe Cool at his concert forcing him to leave the stage.

Their differences are evidently not going away any time soon as they have been solidified in their political stance. While Bobi Wine stood against president Yoweri Museveni and decided to run for the presidency himself, Bebe Cool stuck with president Museveni and his ruling party, NRM.

Bebe Cool and Eddy Kenzo

Although it’s unclear where or when the beef between these two started, we came to know that something was cooking when Bebe Cool referred to Kenzo as an upcoming artist and dancer after winning the BET Award.

When Eddy Kenzo and his wife moved into their new apartment, rumors that may or may not have been sourced from Bebe Cool emerged that the house was not fully furnished.

In response to Bebe’s long-standing mockery, Eddy Kenzo asked Bebe Cool to stop belittling his achievements and focus on his life, saying:

“He claims to be building apartments but we already sleep in ours”

It appears that the two have reconciled since then.

Jose Chameleon and Bebe Cool

Although these two superstars finally buried the hatchet, bringing an end to their long feud, their beef was definitely one of the most prolific in Uganda’s history.

Chameleon and Bebe Cool started out as good friends when they both began in the music industry.
According to sources, the beef was all caused by a woman. It is alleged that Jose Chameleon fell in love with a mzungu mama while the two friends were living in Nairobi. 

It is said that Chameleon’s lover did not get along with Bebe Cool and so Chameleon did the practical thing of keeping Bebe away from his babe. This did not sit well with Bebe Cool who dissed Chameleon in his next song.

The long feud which was marked with insults, diss tracks, and physical blows is now over and although we are happy for the two friends, deep down we know that we will miss the drama.

Bobi Wine and Brian White

Brian White, the self-proclaimed tycoon has a way of looking for trouble in places where he shouldn’t.

In 2018, he decided to pick a fight with Bobi Wine. While on TV, he said that Bobi Wine’s presidential ambition was a lost cause. 

He advised that instead of fighting the current government, Bobi Wine should focus on empowering the young people.

To many people’s surprise, Bobi Wine responded to Brian White, saying that he didn’t have time for people like Brian and advised him to spend his little money wisely instead of looking for cheap publicity.

The beef which was never resolved is currently dormant but we know it can be reignited any time any day.

Eddy Kenzo and Brian White

Kenzo started a feud with socialite and self-proclaimed tycoon Brian White when the artist joined his fellow celebs in bashing Brian White for throwing money around.

The attacks on Brian White began when he started giving out free money to people and chest-thumping that he was the richest man in Uganda.

Kenzo was obviously displeased with Brian’s act and criticized him for posting his charity works on the media, he also warned Brian that if he did not check himself then he would end up in trouble.
While we love it when our fave celebs get along, it’s no doubt that we live for the little drama that they offer us, beef included.

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