Bruno K Thickens Faridah Dating Rumors: Hanging With Daughters

The plot tightens

By  | Sep 21, 2020, 05:59 AM  | Bruno K  | Drama

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There have always been rumors that NTV news anchor and artist, Bruno K are an item, but for some reason these rumors have been brushed off by a couple of people citing reasons like the singer is too young to be involved with his senior and that Faridah has such a reputable character that she would never be involved in such an unfortunate situation.

But as the plot thickens, more signs continue to pop up insinuating that the two are in fact closer than we all expected. For the past three months, things seem to have intensified to a point where Bruno K seems not to mind what the public thinks about his love intentions for Faridah.

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The couple have also done a great job of concealing the whole relationship as they constantly brush it off as banter. News coming in however shows that Bruno K was in fact invited to Faridah’s home over the weekend where he had a meal with the anchor’s daughters.
This new found relationship and closeness between Bruno K and Faridah’s daughters is very questionable and sort of brings everything full circle. The bond that the singer has created with Kinza and Aliyaa almost insinuates that he is working so hard to get into Faridah’s life and a relationship with his daughters is just the first step of many. 
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