Cindy And Phina Masanyalaze Kiss And Make-up

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By  | Sep 11, 2020, 06:18 AM  | Cindy  | Drama

Were you even alive back in 2014 if you did not know that musicians Cinderella Sanyu and Phina Masanyalaze were at loggerheads with each other? Probably not

First, it was because the two artists were sort of being compared to eachother for having a similar style of music and performance which did not sit well with either, as every artist wants to be different and unique so clearly it was insinuated that one of them was trying to copy the other.

On the other hand, there was also another problem they shared. The two were at each other over a man. Apparently after breaking up with Mario, Cindy quickly hooked up with a South African based Ugandan businessman only known as Kenneth Muyiisa who was a longtime lover to Phina Masanyalaze , too close that they sired a child together.

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When the story surfaced in the media, Cindy was unapologetic and admitted to have had an affair with him, escalating the tension and beef between the two. They eventually moved on and kept their distance from each other, well at least they were never seen together in the public eye.  

However, as Cindy accepted her new role as Vice president of the Uganda Musicians Association, something unbelievable happened. Cindy hugged Phina Masanyalaze who vowed to work with her to make the dream work.

Cindy and Phina hug

Phina Masanyalaze is the secretary of the Uganda Musician’s Association while Cindy is the new Vice president taking over from Ykee Benda who is now president.