Eddy Yawe Denies Sexually Assaulting Martha Mukiza

This beef won’t end any time soon!

By  | Apr 14, 2022, 09:41 AM  | Drama

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The news about Eddy Yawe and Martha Mukisa’s fallout came as a surprise to most of us. Following their beef Yawe took down the video of their recently released song Neteeze. His reason for doing this is not quite clear and upon consulting Martha, she did not give any comment. She maintained that it was a technical issue that was being fixed. She also insisted that her relationship with Yawe was good and that there was no issue whatsoever. How true that is, we don’t know.

Reports began circulating online that the real reason behind their fallout was sexual assault. Allegedly, Yawe sexually assaulted Martha Mukisa resulting to bad blood between them. He has, however, come out to refute those claims saying that he has only had professional interactions with the singer.

He insists that the reason why their working relationship ended was because Martha’s management wanted to take full ownership of the song which is his and not hers. Her team denied him the right to upload it on his own channel and he therefore took the matter into his own hands.

Before Yawe allegedly took the video down, the song was already past 80k views just two days after being released and trending at number 3. This however did not faze him as he took it down.

Yawe went ahead to upload the video of the song leaving Martha and her management team dismayed! The video which was shot in his lavish home was uploaded on Yawe’s personal page. The musician, who is also Bobi Wine’s elder brother is not playing around with the conditions given to Martha and her team. 

He allegedly, refused to pay for the budget of the video hence coming off as unprofessional. One would wonder what he does with all his money and why he sets high standards if he cannot pay for them.

One person in Martha’s management team referred to Yawe as selfish and tough to deal with. He also said that he is not a team player and his conditions do not favour anyone else but himself. When Carol Nantongo was asked what caused the fallout, she said that there is no working relationship between the two of them. She avoided going deeper into the issue.
Martha Mukisa has however asked people to continue streaming the song on all other platforms.


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