How Kenyan Comedian Eric Omondi Is Testing His 9 Wives

A very funny man.

By  | Dec 10, 2020, 01:49 PM  | Eric Omondi  | Drama

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While top comedian Salvador has given his commitment to one woman here in Uganda, in Kenya the funny man Eric Omondi is juggling 9 of them at the same time.

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Eric is hosting a reality show called Wife Material where he has put 9 of the hottest bachelorettes in Nairobi into a single house so they can battle it out to be his wife. To the winner, Eric Omondi has promised a quick wedding this coming Boxing Day, together with an expensive honeymoon and many many children.

And the show is going into extremes to make sure they find the perfect one for the comedian. Eric has been giving the wives challenges to showcase their ability to become a good wife. From cooking, cleaning, twerking and now fetching buckets of water from a stream and carrying it on top of their heads all while climbing a hill. Whew! This is no joke.

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In what started off as a joke with comedian Eric Omondi showing off his built body, he announced that he will be launching a show dubbed Wife Material. According to the comedian who had previously received tens of applications from ladies all over the region, he will now give the chance to ten of the finalists to prove themselves to the public why they deserve the chance in the show.

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The Wife Material show will be produced by the comedian’s newly launched studio, Big Tyme Entertainment. The public will determine who Eric Omondi gets to marry at the end of the show by casting votes for the favourite contestant.

Earlier on, Eric Omondi had promised to marry the winner of the contest stating that he will wed the winner in what will be “Wedding Of The Year” which will go down on December 26. He said;

I will then marry the winner in the Wedding of the year on 26th December and ahead of our honeymoon. Have children and start a family.”
The contestants include wannabe socialite Shakilla who is becoming a fan favourite and singing duo The band Becca who may just end up as co-wives.

Shakilla has already declared herself the winner. She sent three videos identifying herself as Mrs. Eric Omondi and from the look of things, this competition is going to get hot and messy! She is ready to scratch any other person’s face, trying to compete with her for Eric’s attention. She has already gotten into a physical fight with one of the other girls named Shazzy from Mombasa.

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