Full Figer To Ashburg Kato: Go Back To NUP Because You Are No Longer Useful To NRM

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By  | Oct 27, 2020, 10:54 AM  | Drama

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Foul-mouthed Presidential Advisor Jenepher Full Figure has told blogger Asburg Kato to go back to Bobi Wine's National Unity Platform because he is no longer useful to the ruling National Resistance Movement.

Full Figure made the offensive attacked during a live Facebook broadcast in response to the ongoing bad blood between Museveni's other useful idiots - Balaam Barugahara, Ashburg Kato and Catherine Kusasira.

A long time ally of the ruling party's blogger, Full Figure used the whole show to target Ashburg for her hostile jibes.

She faulted the former NUP man for being a lazy cry baby who wants free things after failing to effectively take up a 4m-a-month job she had secured for him from the President.

And according to the fire-spitting presidential envoy, the four million was not the only offer on table.

She says the juicy offer involved a fully furnished house, a car, WiFi and medical bills for the blogger's ailing mother catered for six months.

She however says the errand boy failed to execute the task leaving that opportunity to go through the air.

The president's woman further proclaims that despite the disappointment, she did not want to give up on Kato as she led them to tycoon Hamis Kiggundu who also gave them a four Million job.

But just like in the first instance, Ashburg failed to deliver and instead started posting evil about the employer.

As such, Nakanguubi insists that the ruling side is better of without the blogger. She asked him to return to NUP where he came from because he is ungrateful. 

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