BITTER BREAKUP: Geosteady And Prima Kardash Are No More

Huge damages

By  | Sep 11, 2020, 06:18 AM  | Geosteady  | Drama

Singer Geosteady is really having a crappy year if we are to consider what has been going on his life these past few months. 

Not so long ago, he was involved in a ‘’Hit and Run’’ case in which he knocked down an unknown lady on Salaama road and he took off without stopping to acknowledge his mistake and take care of the person he had caused damage to. He was however hunted down and has a case to answer. This ia after the victim and her mother spoke out using different media avenues.

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As though things could not get any worse, his baby mama and wife, Prima Kardash has just exposed their dirty laundry to the public after she confirmed that the two are no more and were involved in a bitter split.

According to her, Geosteady reportedly broke into her house and destroyed everything after the two parted ways. In the video clip shared, Prima is seen showing off a totally destroyed apartment and in her own words claims that it is the father of her two kids ,Geosteady behind this act.

"I have tried so much to be a good wife but it seems like you don't want peace, I left your house and rented somewhere else cause I didn't want to fight with you, I am a good mother and I take care of our kids but you take me for granted.You came to my apartment and destroyed everything, you broke in and destroyed everything I own despite me staying away from the news"- Prima cried out.
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Another case of a bitter split between two lovers. We hope that they can atleast put their differences aside and raise their kids in a happy home.