Gravity Omutujju Breaks Internet Dirty Dancing With A Fan


By  | May 14, 2022, 04:39 PM  | Gravity Omutujju  | Drama

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Celebrated artist and rapper Gravity Omutujju has always been known for his sensational and eye bulging performances. 

If there is one thing we know and are sure about by now, it has got to be the fact that this guy can seriously work up a crowd and we are here for it. 

Take for example a most recent video that has set the internet ablaze, where Gravity is seen having a little extra fun with a fan who could not help themselves and decided to join Gravity during his performance. 

The crowd seems even more excited and pleased at this scene and continue to hype the pair even as the fan proudly shakes what her mama gave her. 

From the comment section, it seems that this is not really a surprise for many and we can only imagine it is because they are used to this kind of sensational performances already. 

What seems to have stunned many however, is where the fan got the courage to get on stage and dance the way she did with the rapper. In fact, many are even making jokes saying they cannot imagine how they would react if it was their wife they found doing such a thing with an artist. 

Come on people, this is a top selling artist we are talking about. Surely he is allowed to have fun with his beloved fans right? Would you have not done the same? 

That aside however, we have to agree that Gravity continues to take the industry by storm despite all the drama that is surrounding his life and we love to see it. 

Just recently, he took to his Instagram to post some old TBT photos of himself before the money and fame, even as he took time to reminisce on how far he had come. 

The rapper also went ahead to share some nuggets of wisdom for his fans saying, “Work hard, pray hard, never stop trying no matter how hard the situation comes in life. GOD shall provide only if keep faithful and keep trying..”

He remains to be an inspiration to many young artists both in and out of the industry and it is good to see the great progress and achievements that he has been able to make all throughout his career. 

The Lugaflow artist has endured quite a lot of hardships throughout his career but there is no denying that he is doing all he can to remain at the top of his game. 

Despite the many times he has hogged headlines for always beefing with his fellow industry mates, he remains to be a favorite to his legion of fans who have proven their loyalty no matter what. 

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