Irene Ntale Jumps Onto The Sheila Gashumba Bully Train

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By  | Jun 29, 2020, 07:06 AM  | Irene Ntale  | Drama

We have all seen that very long annoying hashtag on social media bullying started by controversial celebrity couple Marcus aka God’s plan and his girlfriend, social media influencer Sheila Gashumba.

The couple allegedly paid a number of twitter influencers to run the hashtag in their posts mainly targeting Urban TV presenter, Tina Fierce for continuously bullying them on her ‘Scoop On Scoop’ show where she uttered very outrageous comments about their lifestyle. 

If you have carefully looked at the latest trends on twitter in Uganda, you will in fact notice that Sheila and Tina are at the top. Most people are bashing the couple for being hypocrites because they are also bullies and have made negative statements against other people and are just looking for cheap popularity with the hashtag. 

Now musician Irene Ntale has surprised many Ugandans after she chose to join the bandwagon vowing to stop Urban TV presenter Tina Fierce (real name Christine Karungi).

The Universal Music Records singer jumped onto the campaign with a series of tweets in which she emphasized how Tina Fierce “has to stop and is going to be stopped.''
''Enough is Enough Tina Fierce. You have to stop and you are going to be stopped!!''
Tina Fierce is on the spot for allegedly using the Scoop On Scoop show to bully several celebrities. In a follow up tweet, Irene Ntale reveals that she is not chasing clout with this but has to point out the wrongs.
Irene Ntale is however not having it easy either as some disgruntled social media users are disappointed in her stand and have also come out to express it in the most funny way by throwing shade at her. 

Anyway, this story will be for another day.

Photo Credit : Glim