How Addiction Broke Up My Marriage to Diplomat - Jackie Chandiru

She opens up.

By  | Oct 07, 2020, 02:58 PM  | Jackie Chandiru  | Drama

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For years, Jackie Chandiru enjoyed life as a superstar as a member of Blu3 an all-girl singing group, and on her solo career.

However, somewhere along the way tragedy struck after she got hooked to painkillers. At first, they helped her sleep but things took a dark turn when she couldn’t function without them.

"I got a back injury and I was told I had to go through an operation. The problem was that the survival rate was 50/50. If anything was to happen to me, I could not blame the hospital as they had already warned me. If it did not go well, I could not be able to perform even though I am an artiste,” she revealed during an interview on Milele FM.
Desperate, she was given the option of painkillers that were very strong but they came at a price, addiction.

“The doctor warned me that they were very strong and very addictive. by the time I got to realize it, I was addicted. I was able to do 6 shows after taking the meds, I suffer from insomnia and when I started taking the pain killers I realized I could sleep. I continued taking them," Miss Chandiru confessed.

Downward Spiral

As with all addictions, the drugs came to claim their pound of flesh. Her public image tanked, here career took a beating, and her marriage to a diplomat headed for a downward spiral.

Speaking on the dark turn of events on Milele FM Jackie said, “It lasted for five years (the marriage). We did not quarrel nor was there infidelity. it was me who made the divorce happen. I got addicted to painkillers and he couldn’t handle it as it had started affecting his work as a diplomat. my addiction tainted his image and I felt bad for him. At he was not for the idea but he started losing millions, so we got through with the divorce.” 

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