Jenkins Mukasa Shades Rwamiti’s Dirty Linen

You Are A habitual failure

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“ Rwamiti s very many miles away from success point, and he is a failure.”

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Former Tv personality Miles Rwamiti was beaten with a landslide win where he only got 149 votes.

Upon learning of this defeat, Jenkins Mukasa, a radio presenter with Dembe Fm mocked him saying that not even Rwamiti’s own so-called fans-voted because he had been telling lies about having a huge fan base.

Rwamiti clapped back saying Jenkins needed to check in to the gym and get his body in shape. 

He added that the huge radio personality should also improve on his diet because he feeds poorly. Only then will he discuss important issues with him.

In retaliation, Jenkins said that Rwamiti is a failure is who is very far from success.

“ Miles Rwamiti is very many miles away from success, he will never succeed, he is a habitual failure,” said Jenkins

He noted that it is not the first time Miles had ventured into politics and failed. Apparently, Miles earlier in the years had stood for mayorship and still failed miserably.

On top of that Jenkins claims that the Koona show he had with NTV eh did not have the numbers, the show was a sham.

It is alleged that even during his times in school, he was caught doing exam malpractice.

 Miles also impregnated a young girl at Bukedde Tv where which was his first workplace.

He denied the pregnancy and I Isaac Daniel Katende alias Kasuku who also works at Dembe Fm took on the responsibility of taking care of the child born.

Jenkins also accused Miles of being a crook and a con-artist. He also said he has offered to pay for Mile’s makeover because he did not have proper clothes.

“He has no proper clothes, he can’t squat when he does, his clothes will tear up.”

Jenkins is sure that no media house can hire Miles due to his bad characters.

Stay tuned.

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