Top Executive Points Finger

East Africa’s Got Talent drama unfolds

By  | Nov 01, 2021, 12:46 PM  | Drama

Esther and Ezekiel Muteesasira
Top executives involved in East Africa’s Got Talent prize money drama are pointing fingers at each other in the matter.

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The news coming from Kelebrity notes that the production company that brought us East Africa’s Got Talent, Rapid Blue, has come out to clarify that they are not responsible for paying winners, Esther and Ezekiel Muteesasira, the remaining amount of their $50,000 (KSH 5M) winnings.

Rapid Blue, Managing Director, Ms. Ziyanda Ngcaba, responded to KELEBrity via email and assured us that the company is also disappointed at the fact that the sibling duo is yet to be paid two years after the victory.              

“Thank you for reaching out to Rapid Blue for comment on the above matter. Please know that we are disappointed to learn that the deserving winners of East Africa’s Got Talent have not been paid in full to date,” Ms. Ngcaba responded via email.

The stars specifically called out Mr. Kasuga on a video, posted to their joint Facebook account, where they were airing out their frustrations. 


According to Ms. Ngcaba it is indeed the above-mentioned who owes the rising stars the remainder of their prize money

“The outstanding payment of the winning prize is for the said executive to settle, mentioned by the finalists in below video being Mr. Joseph Kasuga of Clouds Media, and the matter should therefore be referred to them for queries related.” She concluded.  

Mr. Joseph Kasuga is the CEO of Clouds Media, a multi-national, multimedia company based in Tanzania. The company brought us East Africa’s Got Talent together with Coca-Cola, Safaricom, and Rapid Blue. 

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