‘’I am Keen On Building A Drug Free Life.’’ - Nina Roz On Her Battle With Drug Addiction

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By  | Sep 29, 2020, 06:42 AM  | Nina Roz  | Drama

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Early this year, we experienced Nina Roz come out to speak about her struggles and battle with drug addiction encouraging young boys and girls to desist from the habit and focus on remaining clean and pursuing their goals and dreams without having to deal with the downsides of drug addiction. 

At the moment, no one really understood why the singer came out to openly share these intimate details with the public. She is definitely not the only artiste who has battled drug addiction but not many females have gone public about the vice that has led to the premature end of so many promising careers.

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Now months after revealing her truth and making an effort to completely stay away from drugs, she has lived up to her ultimatum and close friends and family have revealed that she recently celebrated a whole month of sobriety after over three years of addiction showing her commitment and determination to stay clean.

Nina Roz has also reinstated the reason as to why she had to be vulnerable and share her experience revealing that drugs are so hard to quit once you’re addicted and she decided to share her experience to help other women susceptible to addiction to keep away from them.

''I had to come out and talk about my drug addiction so that I can help women out there, especially those using them and I thank my management, my friends and family for standing by me through this period.''
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Nina Roz blames her lapse on peer pressure and reveals that she never once thought it would be as damaging to her life as it has been.

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