Nina Roz Rubbishes Drug Abuse And Pregnancy Rumors

brushes them off as malicious

By  | Jun 01, 2020, 06:02 AM  | Nina Roz  | Drama

Singer Nina Roz has had enough of the trolls circulating rumors that she is pregnant and a drug addict.

The ‘Omuliro’hit maker has rubbished the allegations as baseless and malicious calling out the people responsible as idlers that have nothing to do with their lives.

In a message shared through her social media channels, she has come out to clear the air on the circulating rumors saying she is not a drug addict and has never been pregnant as alleged.

‘’I don’t use drugs. I won’t say that I don’t know artists that have used drugs before. I personally, I have ever. I’ve ever and this is another story that I won’t let any fan use against me and I thank God that I got another chance that I can be alive again and speak about it.

I’ve used drugs that might not be that other people have used and I thanked that I’ve never been dragged to rehab at any one moment. I’ve never been pregnant and I’m not pregnant. So the pregnancy rumors were all false.’’ She revealed.

Nina Roz further distanced herself from a crop of celebrities and artists who use drugs as she disclosed that she quit using drugs way back.