Nina Roz Shares Her Drug Abuse Experience

Advises girls to desist from it

By  | Jun 10, 2020, 07:57 AM  | Nina Roz  | Drama

Not so long ago, singer Nina Roz came out to rubbish allegations that she was heavy with child and also a drug abuse victim. In her address, she recounted never being pregnant and never carrying out an abortion, but was quick to add that the drug abuse days are way past behind her.

During a recent interview, she shared more on her experience with drugs and advised young girls to desist from engaging in the vice.

 ‘’I got to a point when my career was shattered… "I was not an addict, but it cost me health wise and this is the very reason I'm coming out to speak about it saying that it is not good for anyone."

Nina Roz is coming out to share this experience at a time when several artists  have been battling with the same ordeal and the end results have not been that good.

A case in point is fellow female artists Jackie Chandiru and Fille Muthoni who have been in and out of rehab battling the same addiction. They have however since stabilized and are getting back on track with their lives.

Jackie Chandiru has even released her latest club banger dubbed Quarantine and Fille, who recently confirmed it was over with her baby daddy, MC Kats, is also  ready to love again.

"I encourage young girls out there to stop using drugs because it is not good for your health mostly and mental health as well," Nina Roz concluded.
Photo Credit : Nina Roz