Promoters Want Pallaso and Sheebah Banned

Renowned promoter wants the two banned after causing chaos at his event recently

By  | Apr 05, 2022, 04:20 PM  | Pallaso  | Drama

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Pallaso has found himself on the wrong side of headlines again for what is becoming a trend with him and promoters. It is not the first time his professionalism has been questioned.  This time it is again for not honoring his end of performance contracts. 

Balaam Events and Promotions owner Balaam Barugahara who is a renowned promoter in Uganda is calling for Pallaso and Sheebah Karungi to be banned. He petitioned the Ugandan Promoters Association (UPA) to effect a two year ban on the two artists. He wants the body’s president Abbey Musinguzi popularly known as Abitex to enforce the ban after the events that took place in Masaka recently.

Pallaso at a recent event, credit: instagram

Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso who is arguably one of the best-selling artists in Uganda at the moment  and Sheebah Karungi were at the center of a melee that occurred in Masaka during a show.  The two who had been contracted to perform at the show organized by Balaam’s company in the event allegedly made things very difficult for the event organizers.

First they allegedly arrived late at the venue. This did not go down well with the already angry fans that had been waiting for their ears to fed with sweet melodies of Nalonda and Nakyuka  among others. If you have been to any event with most of the audience most probably under the influence you know how impatient and bossy they can be. 

To add to that, right before Sheebah went on stage to finally perform , power went off. Efforts by the organizers to try and salvage the situation bore no fruits.

Sheebah performing at an event recently, credit: instagram

What ensued thereafter at the venue was violent with the place looking like a warzone. Chairs were on the air and property worth millions was destroyed including sound equipment and screens. It definitely was not the show everyone paid their money for. 

In the end , fans went home agitated, some injured and their musical appetite still unsatisfied. This was a big blow for the organizers who will always get the blame when such things happen in events. No fan wants to go to events not sure about their security during or after the event or unsure if the artists they paid to see will show up and do so on time.

Pallaso on stage, credit: instagram

It is for this reason that Balaam Barugahara is calling for the UPA to ban the two artists involved. He has claimed that if the body will not act accordingly and swiftly, his company will take matters into their own hands and indefinitely ban the two artists from their own events for the next two years. He went on to protest that a lot of other Ugandan musicians have been doing the same sabotaging events or not doing their part accordingly.

Although we might not all agree with Balaam on the action to be taken against them, the Ugandan music industry would do with a bit more professionalism. This is especially needed on the artists’ side. Many a times promoters and even record labels have had issues with the so called ‘Stars’ holding their end of the bargain. 
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