Sheebah Claps Back Viciously At A Fan

She doesn’t miss with the shade!

By  | Apr 13, 2022, 11:45 AM  | Sheeba Karungi  | Drama

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Sheebah Karungi has been the aim of a lot of hate when it comes to her dressing. Most if not all of her clothes are skimpy and do not hide much. Her haters even go ahead to say that she shops in the kids’ section! 

Yesterday, she shared a video of her twerking to a Jamaican song on her Instagram. You guessed right, she was in the tiniest shorts ever. She even went ahead to give a disclaimer to those watching that the video was explicit.

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Of course even with the disclaimer, there is always that person who will go ahead and watch. This one viewer did not even stop at watching, she went ahead to give her opinion of how Sheebah should dress like Rema Namakula and that she should be her role model.

Sheebah is no stranger to clap backs so she gave a subtle response telling the fan to take the comment to Rema for her to know how much impact she has. Classy and shady at the same time! We stan a classy clap back! She went on to say that she is not meant for everyone and that not all the people can like her.

Recently, she endorsed  King Saha as her favorite for the UMA presidential seat. He has been getting many supporters in the music industry and this specific one did not come as a shock. Sheebah and King Saha have been friends and have shared a stage together severally in the past. They have also produced music that made it top of the charts. This includes Onkuba and their latest collaboration Empeta which is now a fan favorite with over 2.4 million views on YouTube. They are a perfect music match; don’t you think? 

Of course we know that Cindy and Sheebah are not besties and the latter does not hide it. So when she took King Saha’s side it was also because she could not support Cindy. The former Obsessions singer has never come out clear to state what her beef with Cindy is but she is very vocal about how she has a problem with her.

Cindy Sanyu announces that she wanted to vie again because the pandemic had interfered with the quality of her work and she would like another term to do things better and finish what she started. Bebe Cool had earlier stated that neither she nor King Saha has the capability to lead other artists in the country. 

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