Sheebah Sends Cryptic Message To Her Haters

Was this a direct hit at Cindy?

By  | Apr 30, 2022, 04:45 PM  | Sheeba Karungi  | Drama

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Popular and controversial songstress Sheebah Karungi is always hogging headlines for the unthinkable. Despite the drama that surrounds her everyday life, she continues to lead an unapologetic lifestyle and we love to see it. 

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In a recent post she made on her social media, Sheebah took to writing a very subliminal and cryptic message to her haters that has probably left them shaking. 

The queen of clapbacks has never delayed in putting her haters or trolls in their place and this time the case is no different. 

This is after she wrote to her haters saying that she doesn’t understand why they are hating on her when they are trying to be like her most if not all of the time. 

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Now it is not clear exactly who she was shading but fans have shown up in her comment section to applaud her for standing her ground and are in fact echoing her sentiments. 

Among those who have commented on her post is popular comedian Kansiime and from the looks of it, it seems that she is also backing Sheebah up. Surely her haters must be running for the hills after this.



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In the photo, the talented dancer is seen looking nothing if not gorgeous and fans have also made sure to comment on that as well. 

As you may already know, Sheebah is always trending for her sensational performances that always leaves fans wanting for more. 

The songstress surely knows how to work up a crowd and is always notorious for leaving the audience staring and in awe of her very bold and scandalous way of dressing. 

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It was just the other day when she was slammed for her dressing when a troll commented on one of her dancing videos on Instagram saying that Sheebah should strive to be a role model like Rema Namakula. 

Sheebah did not delay in giving the troll a piece of her mind saying that if Rema was the perfect role model then the troll should go ahead and give her those flowers and not instead put those who are not on blast. 

She further went on to add that she cannot be possibly loved by everyone maintaining that she is absolutely fine with that. Talk about delivering a clapback like a boss! 


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Let us not also forget when drama ensued not too long ago at a live event in Masaka where Sheebah and Pallaso were set to perform only for them to give the event organizers a hard time and hence, a petition for them to be banned was issued. 

A riot would erupt later on while the event was going on after angry fans felt that they were not getting their money’s worth. This was definitely not a good day to be their fan. 

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