Why Does Trouble Follow Sheebah Everywhere?

It's getting out of hand

By  | Apr 21, 2022, 01:19 PM  | Sheeba Karungi  | Drama

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It’s almost impossible to go a day without mentioning the phenomenal talent that is Sheebah Karungi. The Ugandan songstress seems to always be in the media one way or another, but mostly for bizarre reasons. Is it possible that where there is Sheebah there must be drama? Or does drama always find Sheebah? Let’s unpack.

Just this week, the β€˜Nkwata Bulungi’ hit maker alongside musician David Lutalo, held a concert at Calendar Hotel in Makindye. Needless to say, Sheebah gave the performance of her life and the fans were beyond satisfied. Shortly after the performance, there was uncontrolled chaos among those in attendance which ended badly. Lucky enough, Sheebah and her fellow artist weren’t caught in the middle of it as they managed to leave the premises. 

Not too long ago Sheebah and Pallaso were performing artists at a show in Masaka. Aside from Sheebah, Pallaso is among one of the best selling artists in the industry. Sadly enough, the two music gurus graced the event way past time and allegedly gave the event organizers such a hard time during the show. Their lateness resulted to an angry crowd who jeered to show their dissatisfaction.

To add salt to the injury, right before Sheebah’s much anticipated performance, power cut off. The event organizers did their best to restore power as well as sanity but it was all in vain. By this time, the fans were protesting and before you know it, the entire venue was in chaos-from broken chairs to destruction of various sound equipment.

This led to the event promoter, Baalam, urging the Ugandan Promoters Association (UPA) to instill a two-year ban on both artists. 

In addition, Sheebah’s dressing has also landed her in hot water with the Uganda pornographic control committee. The controversial singer has been warned numerous times to mind her dressing as she’s almost always indecent. Dr. Annette Kezaabu, the committee chairperson, called out Sheebah’s inappropriate dressing while at a press conference.

β€œI saw a picture of Sheebah and she was naked. She was only wearing a net with a swimming costume, but even the costume was transparent. Those are some of the people we are going to go after,” Dr. Annette commented.

Despite being issued a warning by the committee chairperson, not much has changed for Sheebah. Her style is pretty much the same and she has since taken it up a notch. We’re not the ones to judge but do you think trouble follows Sheebah everywhere she goes?

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