Sheila Gashumba Puts Pastor Mondo On Blast


By  | May 07, 2022, 12:28 PM  | Sheila Gashumba  | Drama

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Award winning media personality Sheilah Gashumba has recently taken to her Twitter in a rant that is leaving more questions than answers. 

This is after she decided to put celebrated city pastor Franklin Mondo Mugisha on blast, accusing him of neglecting his duties as a father. 

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She wrote saying that she had come across a video that sees Pastor’s Mondo’s son pleading with the man of cloth to do his fatherly duties seeing that his mother has just passed away. 

Sheilah also went ahead to add that just because his son’s mother has died does not afford him the right to be an absentee dad when Pastor Mondi is still very much alive. 

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Sheilah is yet to share the video of Pastor Mondo’ sons and tweeps have for this reason put her on blast as well saying that she too has no right to make an assumption based on a one sided story that she clearly knows nothing about. 

This is not the first time we are seeing Pastor Mondo make headlines for the unthinkable and we are left to wonder whether or not it will be the last. 

Judging from the comments that have been made on the media personality’s tweet, it is clear that tweeps and netizens are taking Pastor Mondo’s side. 

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In fact a tweep demanded that Sheilah provide proof that the said child in the video is Pastor Mondo’s son only for them to be slammed by the socialite who responded saying that the pastor has no explanation for being an absentee father. 

Others have even gone ahead to add that they hope the video Sheilah is talking about is true and not someone trying to spread unnecessary propaganda. 

Pastor Mondo is yet to make a statement regarding these allegations and we can only hope that none of this is true. 

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This comes barely a few days after the TV presenter took to her social media to announce that she would be embarking on a new career journey as a deejay whilst also introducing her new DJ name, DJ Lil Stunner. 

Being the known party animal that she is, this was definitely a pleasant surprise for fans, who in as much as they were not so shocked at this announcement, are still looking forward to seeing her do her thing!

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The Instagram socialite also stunned netizens just the other day when she took to her Snapchat to reveal that she would be quitting the nightlife and have a baby soon. 

Yes, you read that right. Sheilah has actually been thinking about settling down soon. With whom, we are still not sure about, seeing that Rickman is not the lucky man in her life anymore. 

Well, we can only hope she was serious even as we await to see the kind of parent she will become. 

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