Super Comedian Rein Hits Music Jackpot In His Single Featuring Betina Namukasa

Good year

By  | Oct 20, 2020, 05:08 PM  | Drama

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Whoever has always known Rein of the Maulana and Rein comedy duo could have had to refresh their minds.

Listening to this new thing he has worked on with bootylicious singer Betina Namukasa will definitely leave one yearning for more.

With the Coronavirus induced quarantine taking a toll on Ugandans, lines about the situation was all that listeners needed to hear in the song. And indeed, they get exactly that. 

"Twawona quarantine, nkambwe nga abajaasi ba Amin. Twawona ekyeeya Kya juuzi wano nenzige zadduka ttumbi, "  and even the lame would attempt to shake bones.

The song doesn't only awaken dead love feelings but also attempts to tackle the two major natural catastrophes - Coronavirus and the desert locusts that have affected social lives.

With the rare art used to craft the audio beauty flowing relics, the single has already booked a place among the top items for the year.

Here at Gandalebs, we just wish to congratulate the duo and hope for a lot more. 

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