Talent Manager Responds to Claims of Mowzey Radio’s Music Being Stolen

Mowzey Radio of the Goodlyfe Crew died in 2018.

By  | Oct 09, 2020, 10:59 AM  | Drama

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Prior to his death after a pub brawl, Mowzey Radio real name Moses Ssekibogo was one of Africa’s most popular musicians. So, it was understandable when fans showed outrage after claims surfaced that his music was being stolen.

It's alleged that former Goodlyfe Manager Chagga was selling some of Radio’s music to Sama Sojah an upcoming musician who is known for hits such as Akadde, Akaama, and Nyonyi Nyange.
Sama Sojah (Facebook)

These accusations have not only created a hard time for Chagga but also the musician. Defending Sama, Chagga disclosed that the singer doesn’t need to steal music as he is a gifted songwriter.

“Upcoming singer Sama Sojah is facing a hard time because some people believe he is stealing music from Mowzey Radio’s files. It is not true. Sama Sojah is a very good songwriter. He doesn't need to rely on anyone's songs,” he explained.
Chagga (Courtesy)

Last year Sama was accused of trying to sound like the late Mowzey, accusations which he denied.

“It is not bad if people think I sing like the late but a believe everyone has their personal opinion, however, Mowzey is a legend and who would not want to sound like him. Everyone has a right to appreciate music in their own way. But I don’t think I sound like him,” he said during an interview.
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