Teary Full Figure Pleads For Kusasira, Mondo As No Nonsense Nakalema Swings Her Whip In Fraud Probe


By  | Nov 18, 2020, 04:25 PM  | Drama

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Presidential Advisor Jenepher Full Figure has pleaded with State House's Anti Corruption chief Col Edith Nakalema to relax her whip against fellow Presidential Advisor Catherine Kusasira and city pastor Mondo Mugisha amid fraud probe.

Kusasira and Mondo were Tuesday quizzed by afande Nakalema over their roles in defrauding Christians with a promise to connect them to President Museveni.

Pastor Ssemanda Siraje, the main suspect in the case was intercepted in Busia while trying to run out of the country on Monday.

Full Figure however says that his counterpart Kusasira is being framed. She argued that for the time she had known the "sonyiwa banno" hit maker,she had never seen her in any acts of fraud.

"Kusasira is being framed.i have known her for a very long time but never heard such things about her. I know she is innocent  and I pray that Mama Nakalema acts upon her with lenience, " dhe pleaded. 

As for pastor Mondo, I pray for him that he is found innocent in the whole saga. Full Figure continued. 
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