The Most Disliked Celebrities In Uganda

They bagged all the haters

By  | Feb 08, 2022, 09:24 AM  | Drama

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It is widely agreed that in order to become a celeb one must have a huge public following and liking.

While this holds for most celebs in Uganda, we have a number of celebs who used to be fan favourites but fell out of favour for one reason or another.

Today we take a look at some of the most hated Ugandan celebs.

Bebe Cool

For a long time, Bebe Cool enjoyed plenty of love and support from fans in Uganda and beyond, the love evidently came from his great musical ability to produce hit after hit.

However, the fans seem to have shifted their lovin’ from the legend ever since he decided to take a political stand.

In the 2021 general elections, Bebe Cool chose to support NRM and President Museveni’s bid.

In the wake of presidential aspirant, Bobi Wine’s arrest, Bebe Cool accused Bobi of faking injuries to get public sympathy. This did not sit well with fans and followers of Bobi obviously.

The public dislike was displayed when Bebe Cool was chased off the stage by Bobi Wine’s fans as he was performing at the Swagz All-Star concert. The crowds started chanting “Free Bobi Wine” and “people power” as they threw a bunch of things at Bebe who refused to leave the stage without a fight.

It is hard to see a future where the Ugandan king of Ragga, Bebe Cool will recover from all the public hatred, this can of course b easily revised if he changes his political stance.

Sasha Brighton

While fans enjoy and love her music, the same fans have been on her case for the choices she makes in her personal life choices for some time now especially in her dating life.
The Kawomera hitmaker found herself on the wrong side of the public’s eye a few years back when it was alleged that she snatched Dorothy Shonga’s husband.

Sasha Brighton and Hebert Habib Shonga became close while the marriage of the latter fell apart resulting in a bitter divorce.

Even though their relationship seemed to blossom and even resulted in the birth of their first child, it seems that Karma paid Sasha and Shonga a visit as the union did not last.

At least fans who had condemned the union in the first place were appeased when it came crumbling down.

Catherine Kusasira

This bootilicious musician is also not quite liked by the public and the reason stems from her political leaning.

Like Bebe Cool, Catherine also supported president Yoweri Museveni in his presidential bid in the 2021 general elections and this obviously did not sit well with a lot of Ugandans.

She faced vicious attacks from social media trolls for her political stance, but this was not a new war.

Catherine has been a recipient of body-shaming comments for her naturally curvaceous African figure by internet trolls.

Luckily for Catherine, she doesn’t seem to care about what people say as day by day we continue to watch her thrive. 

Lydia Jazmine

Regarded as one of Uganda’s best musicians, Lydia Jazmine once got on the wrong side of the public’s eye when she broke up with her manager/husband-  Bushington.

The biggest problem with the public is that they don’t care to get the details of the juice before launching their attacks, this is was the case with Lydia Jazmine. 

When Lydia left Bushington, internet peeps were disappointed with some accusing her of forgetting and betraying the person who had helped build her career.

We are glad that the hate did not last for long and homegirl is getting the love she deserves from fans.

Full Figure

Jenepher Nakambuubi AKA Full figure who is a musician and now one of the president’s advisors has also been on the receiving end of the public more than once.

Not only has she been criticized for being a loudmouth and using vulgar language, but she has also been criticized for supporting Museveni’s presidential bid.
During campaigns for the general elections, Full Figure’s posters were vandalized by youth and this did not sit well with the outspoken Full Figure. She however came out to forgive the youth.

Which celeb were you shocked to find on this list? Do let us know in the comment section.
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