The Women You Call Your Wives, Are Our Side Dishes-Gashumba


By  | Dec 09, 2020, 07:50 AM  | Drama

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" Why can't you people just mind your own business, you want me to marry yet over the weekend, it is your wife I am chilling with."

Hot-headed motor-mouth, Frank Gashumba was venting out at people he said were good at judging others even when you have no business with them.

Gashumba wondered why people are concerned about him getting married again yet during weekends he spends time with some of their wives chilling in swanky hangouts.

“The very ones telling me to get married, are the same people whose wives we hang with during weekends, so before you judge me, are doing enough for your wife?” Gashumba asked.

He also warned that they should take their children for paternity tests because they might be taking care of his kids unknowingly.

Asked what he had to say about his daughter’s (Sheila Gashumba) arrest in a nightclub as a result of being out beyond curfew hours and drinking alcohol at an illegal venue-bars that were closed down due to Covid 19 restrictions.

He said that his daughter was not arrested at all. He directed his attention to the double standard nature of the Uganda Police and Covid 19 law enforcers.

“Why do you hurry to arrest 50 people who are gathered in a bar and you can’t arrest a minister of parliament who has rallied more than one thousand people?” he questioned.

Gashumba added that instead of people minding about his daughter’s arrest, they should be working hard to fatten their bank accounts because his daughters’ is bigger than most of the people talking about her.

Gashumba has been single for more than five years however, there is a mystery woman who keeps sending the father of one, banquets of flowers. We believe that she could be the woman running him crazy.
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