Well done Faco! Netizens troll singer Vinka over scientific bums

Magic bums

By  | Oct 19, 2020, 04:14 PM  | Drama

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 It's a fact that Vinka's weekend photofest has sent tongues wagging especially among citizens on the internet.

The weekend saw the "olimalaika Kika kki" singer release photos of herself swinging a bootie he has previously not had to the utter amusement of fans and haters a like.

Understandably, various netizens chipped in with carrying opinions and comments regarding the masculine voiced songerbird's magic bums in trying to guess their probable source.

Eventhough her loyal fans were quick to attribute the miracle to a possible uncontrolled diet in the lockdown, haters were particularly sceptical about this particular school of thought as they outrightly concluded that the singer must have been seeing Faco physicians insisting no dirty could cause such a development in an instant.

" Go go go kyana. You have used well this lockdown. Add on a little more and Desire Luzinda and Winnie Nwagi will be within your reach. Much love and mwaaa...," Commented one Facebook in the names of Joan Nakitende.

Kabuye Justus said that " Whatever you are using and whoever is behind what I am seeing must be a real magician. Stick there and in no time, naysayers will go mute."

One netizen named Flavia Flash didn't seem to guess the origin of the singer's miracle booty as she wrote " Thank you Faco Uganda. I can see you are really doing a very good job. Someone clap for our star for this big achievement." 
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