What Nabbi Omukazi Said Before The Death Of Bonkmate Pastor Yiga

Never forget

By  | Oct 27, 2020, 03:16 PM  | Drama

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I know many of you had already forgotten that fallen pastor Yiga was in a deep relationship with musician Maggie Kayima commonly known as Nabbi Omukazi. The two were sharing fluids before they separated in 2015.

However, prior to his death Maggie Kayima who has since moved on with life and out of the music scene was not bothered by the ex-husband’s sickness and death but her angry fans have taken time to remind her of the good times both performed miracles at Revival Church Kawala.

Pastor Yiga was the mastermind behind Maggie Kayima’s short-lived music career through his revival band that introduced several artists in the music industry like Umar Mwanje, Hajjat Madina Bibuuza, Hassan Ndugga, Bena Namisinga among others.

Maggie Kayima fell out with her husband Yiga over unknown circumstances and ABS television went ahead and leaked her recorded video when she had visited a shrine and was nakedly offering her honeypot to a witch doctor.

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