Winnie Nwagi Shames Her Trolling Fans!

Blocks them, shares list

By  | Aug 07, 2020, 06:51 AM  | Winnie Nwagi  | Drama

Winnie Nwagi is one of those artists that lives life on the edge and has no reservations when it comes to the way she dresses or handles herself. Most times, she has found herself being criticized for certain behavior and having to apologize in order to keep her reputation clean, but that does not happen often.

She is known for being a no nonsense person most especially when you attack her on her social media platforms.For the past years, she has been known for clapping back at anyone who throws an insult or shade against her. She has also blocked them off her accounts.

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The “Fire Dancer” singer recently revealed a long list of the followers and critics whom she blocked on her Instagram account.

She went ahead to dare any of her followers who wish to be blocked to try and insult or disrespect her again. She also asked everyone with negative energy never to follow people they don’t love.

''U too can still join the team if u want…, All u gotta do is disrespect me and all that bs #badenergystayfaraway STOP FOLLOWING PEOPLE U DON’T LIKE ...''
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Nwagi’s long list also features NBS TV’s KURT music analyst Anko Owen who is known for nailing his views without fear or favor.

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