Ykee Benda’s Mpaka Studio Robbed Clean

Sad turnout

By  | Oct 27, 2020, 02:48 PM  | Drama

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Uganda Musician’s Association president Ykee Benda is counting losses after smart thieves broke into his Mpaka records studio and made away with several equipments.

In a video making rounds on social media, the ‘Blessing’ hitmaker is seen questioning his employees who stay at the studio and furious about their carelessness that has cost him millions as he’s struggling to make ends meet since concerts were banned due to covid-19.

Through his social media platforms, Ykee Benda also sent the shocking news to his clients with music projects.

He also said those expecting to go for auditions to expect a change of plans now that Mpaka studio is currently out of bounds to the public until further notice.

It’s not yet clear how these smart thieves over the past weekend made their way to the studio that has been the powerhouse to many songs that are currently dominating the airwaves.

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