'She's A Clown.' - Zahara Totto Attacks Lynda Ddane

Don't compare us!

By  | Jun 16, 2020, 06:56 AM  | Zahara Totto  | Drama

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We do not know what is happening in the media fraternity of late but whatever it is, we need divine intervention. The shade that is being thrown between rival TV stations and their presenters is just escalating by the day.

Just last week, Urban TV’s Tina Fierce came out to attack Zahara Toto for being an empty rubbish pit that just speaks on topics she is clueless about, starting a war between the two presenters.

Now we are not sure if Zahara is just taking out her anger on NTV presenter, Lynda Ddane to feel better after getting lashed at by Tina Fierce. NBS TV's Lugambo Queen Zahara Totto has questioned a fan’s idiotic comparison of her TV hustle to that of NTV Uganda's Lynda Ddane who she alleges is just a clown that always looks lost in her borrowed clothes each time she appears on set.

"Today I took time off 2watch ugtv.cant believe y’all been comparing a #fieldmarshal_entert­ainer to a clown who looks lost in borrowed cloths. This industry is not for the weak ! Urgue with your self! Back to watching #NBSSNL @ztotto @nbstv," said Zahara Totto.
The NTV ‘The Beat Host’ is least likely to engage in such wars and this attack on her by Zahara Toto has raised many people’s eyebrows, wondering why Zahara would attack Ddane since she is just a happy soul that is always in a good mood and never entertains scandals.

Zahara Totto on the other hand is furious that anyone could even try to compare her to Lynda Ddane and maintains her stance on the whole situation. 

Photo Credit: Zahara Totto
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