Zari Claps Back At Troll

Star checks fan who name dropped Diamond

By  | Nov 01, 2021, 07:56 PM  | Zari Hassan  | Drama

Zari Hassan
Zari is back in South Africa from her Uganda trip; The Boss Lady seems to be in good spirits as she has been keeping fans entertained with a constant stream of pictures and Instagram stories.

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On one of her posts, the popular socialite is in a custom robe and can be seen walking on a beach. The photo’s caption is affirmational with the celeb advising her fans to strive to be better in all that they do.

As followers were commenting on the photo one fan’s comment caught the star’s attention. The user took to the comment section with a bit of malice on his mind.  He pointed out that Zari should go back to Diamond, her famous ex-boyfriend, and baby daddy.

The star didn’t take this comment lying down, she responded with a simple question. She asked the fan what exactly she would be going back to the superstar. A retort that might have left the troll tongue-tied as he is yet to give Zari an answer.

Taking to her stories, the star posted a video of herself listening to music and noted that since it’s a public holiday, she has a lot of time on her hands. The Boss Lady is certainly using her free time wisely by letting trolls know that she isn’t the one to be messed around with. 

Zari isn’t a stranger to taking on social media trolls. The Boss Lady was once busy 'wilding' on the social media streets and throwing daggers at some haters who were on her case to leave social media because she had become too old to be on the platforms.

According to the mother of 5, some young women on social media are threatened by the success and good looks she has despite being way older than her. She says they are very insecure and cannot handle whatever she brings to the table, that’s why they have resorted to throwing shade at her and teasing her to get off social media since she is too old for it.

Now the Zari we know could not let this just pass so she surely came through with a message for her haters.

In a video she recorded, she calls out these young girls for harboring negative energy. She also brags about her good looks despite her age and the number of children she has had compared to the so-called 20-year-olds.

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