Zari Is Firing Shots At Social Media Haters

I am not at your level

By  | Jun 01, 2020, 06:22 AM  | Zari Hassan  | Drama

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Zari Hassan is busy 'wilding' on the social media streets and throwing daggers at those who are on her case to leave social media because she has come of age to be on the platforms.

According to the mother of 5, some young women on social media are threatened by the success and good looks she has despite being way older than her. She says they are very insecure and cannot handle whatever she brings to the table, that’s why they have resorted to throwing shade at her and teasing her to get off social media since she is too old for it.

Now the Zari we know could not let this just pass so she surely came through with a message for her haters.

In a video she recorded, she calls out these young girls for harboring negative energy. She also brags about her good looks despite her age and the number of children she has had compared to the so called 20 year olds.

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''I’m making 40-years in September this year but am looking younger and nicer than you who claim you are in the 20s, you pretend you are young but you look older than me, in fact, you can’t even sit where I sit, you can get ashamed of yourself because of your bad looks. I have 5 kids, I have gone through a lot but I still look nice and younger, and social media has no age restrictions so leave me to enjoy my life.''

There you have it. Now let’s wee another 20 year old coming to disturb these streets again…ahahaha…

Photo Credit : Paper Blog
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