Eddy Kenzo Will Never Forget Sheik Muzaata Even After His Death.


By  | Dec 05, 2020, 10:36 AM 

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Yesterday the Moslem community lost one of the most revered Moslem clerics, Sheik Nuhu Muzaata. He had been hospitalized at the International Hospital of Kampala (IHK) where has been for about a week until he passed on.

During his lifetime, the cleric was known to be very un-apologetic about whatever he said. He condemned anything he felt was not right from politics, celebrities, government, and non-government organizations.

Last year 2019, Kenzo became the first person in the entertainment industry to taste his wrath, this took place at an introduction marriage ceremony of Kenzo’s ex-wife, Rema Namukula who Kenzo had been with for close to five years without officially marrying her.

Namakula had to live Kenzo for another man- Dr. Hamza Sebunya who was willing to marry Her and officially legalize the marriage. At this ceremony, the man of God congratulated Namakula upon running away from Kenzo who said wasted her time.

Kenzo had hinted at one time that for two people to get married, you had to build a bond to appoint that your partner is more like your mother.

In reciprocation the cleric told Kenzo that if he wanted a mother figure, ‘he should go and marry his mother,’ this did not go well with Kenzo

At the time all that was said, Kenzo was out of the country, so through alive video, cast through Facebook, the Sitya Loss singer with tears demanded the cleric retracts his statement, else, he would quit music.

Kenzo wept to the extent that he had to call for the government to intervene. This incident led the slogan 'Gavumenti weyayu' loosely translating to government where are you.

He went as far as canceling his music tours in Europe to come back and face Muzaata, but Muzaata was unmoved amidst threats from Kanzo’s fans to cancel him

Kenzo’s cause of the alarm was the fact the Cleric said he should go and marry his mother, which kenzo equated to sleeping his mother, a person the musician said he respected and loved a lot even in her death.

Kenzo is known for thumping people who disrespect him, Radio/Tv personality can attest to Kenzo’s medicine.

Muzaata got so lucky Kenzo was out of the county at that time, otherwise, it was going to be Kamakazi.

The feud between the two, however, ended on a good note as they buried their hatched.

Kenzo is glad that at his time of death, they had made peace. May His Soul Rest in peace.
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