The Queens Of The Red Carpet

They bring the glam to the party

By  | Feb 21, 2022, 08:00 AM  | Fashion

Judith Heard at a red carpet event
Red carpet events are one of those ‘go big or go home’ events that we love. In trying to prove just how much of creative geniuses they are, some celebs and their designers always miss hard and we have to admit that fashion fails are usually hilarious.

Some celebs, however, have mastered the right amount of creativity to bring to the red carpet and they always get all the attention when in attendance. Today we look at some of your favourite celebs and their red carpet outfits that caught everyone’s attention.

Rema Namukula

Rema is not only a musical icon but she is also a fashion icon. Whether she’s chilling at home or stepping out of the red carpet, Rema always slays.

Her style is feminine, confident, and elegant and we love it. Besides her great outfits, the star's hairstylist and make-up artist have also never let her down.

During the 2017 Abryanz Styles and Fashion Awards, Rema rocked a beautiful shimmering off-shoulder, flowing gown that blew our minds.

Designer Fatumah Asha sure knows how to give her clients their money's worth.

Spice Diana

Spice Diana is one of those bold stars that are not afraid to seize and own the moment. Her style, like her personality, is bold and sassy.

She definitely knows how to bring the spice to the red carpet with big bold colours and edgy choices that many may be afraid to try.

Even though sometimes we are not very sure about her fashion choices, the fashion industry loves her and she has two awards to prove it. Sis bagged the 2018 and 2019 ‘Best Stylish Female Artist at Abryanz Fashionista Awards.

It appears that all the fashion police who branded her famous neon green look a ‘cabbage patch’ need some fashion classes.

That aside, we seriously need your opinion on this outfit that was custom-made for her by Kaijuka Abbas- was this a miss or a hit?

Judith Heard

Nobody knows how to slay at the red carpet like a pageant queen who is used to high-end fashion and big runways- Miss Elite Africa is a living proof of this statement.

This top model has graced a lot of red carpet events and she is one of those big names that everyone is always interested in knowing what they will wear.

Her red carpet style can be described as effortlessly chic, elegant, timeless, and sexy in just the right amount.

Zari Hassan

We know that you expected the Boss Lady to make an appearance on this list and we are glad we have not disappointed you.

Zari is one of the most iconic fashion trendsetters of our time. She understands her body and she knows how to dress in outfits that complement her figure although we honestly believe that Zari can’t look bad in anything.

Zari Hassan, image credit: Satisfashion Ug

In 2018, Zari was one of the judges for the Miss Uganda competition and although she was not competing for any prize, the mother of five did catch everybody’s attention when she made a grand entrance to the red carpet looking like a real-life princess.

Desire Luzinda

This curvaceous musician is another style icon of our time and it appears that her daughter, Michelle who is now a teenager is slowly following her steps.

We will always remember the 2016 Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards, she showed up in a sexy black gown that highlighted all curves and showed some skin, accompanying her was her daughter who also rocked a beautiful high-low gown.

Which of these celebrities’ red carpet style do you love the most? Let us know in the comments.

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