Fille Is Not Over MC Kats

He’s not done with me yet!

By  | Apr 12, 2022, 03:16 PM 

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Fille Mutoni is just not ready to be done with MC Kat just yet. Despite their break up years ago, Mutoni claims she still has a place in his heart. Before their break up, these two were both lovers and musical partners. MC Kat was her manager at the time. Talk about mixing business and pleasure. In their romantic relationship period they brought to the world a baby girl by the name Abby who they co-parent now.

When asked in a recent interview, Fille stated that she will forever be bonded to Kats because of their daughter and that their connection will never fully end. She also categorically stated that she was not in a relationship with him and that they were just co-parenting. For someone who’s only co-parenting she seems quite attached to MC Kat. 

Interestingly, she brought to light the fact that women tend to push her away when they are dating Kats but she stated that she was going nowhere given they had a baby together. She told the women that no one would replace her in Kat’s heart so they should get used to her being there. Phew! The boldness!

“I hear some ladies saying they want to replace me but I am not replaceable. I don’t beef anyone and I don’t think I will ever put any lady down because of a man,” she said.

Recently, the singer posted pictures of herself alluding to a proposal with an unknown man. She intentionally hid his face with an emoji to hide his identity. She had a ring and a bouquet of flowers captioning the post, “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

This had her fans wondering whether it was a proposal or just a publicity stunt. Is she getting married? Probably. But clearly her heart is still after MC Kat. Her fans sent in congratulatory messages wishing her all the best. We do not know much about the new man but we sure know that she is head over heels in love with him.

MC Kats openly confessed a few years ago that he was HIV positive.

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