Pr Ssenyonga Received His Fair Share Of Insults Over His Inhuman Anti Yiga Rant

You are a disgrace

By  | Oct 28, 2020, 10:23 AM 

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Christian Life Church Senior Pastor Jackson Ssenyonga must be in a certain corner of his house or Church regretting his hostile remarks about fallen Pastor Augustine Yiga moments after the latter's demise.

Ssenyonga addressed a media conference at his Bwayise based church where he bashed the deceased cleric over his unbecoming conduct while still alive.

Ssenyonga who seemed not scared to affend anyone in his criticisms said the dead cleric was a crook in the church where he faked miracle for self aggrandizement to the detriment of his loyal followers.

He also alleged that Yiga had sexually abuse many of his female sheep, infecting them with AIDS and neglecting the children sired out of such affairs.

In response, the public has attacked Ssenyonga for having no respect and empathy.

The seemingly aggrieved followers mainly on soci media argue that it's an African culture and behavior that when one dies,their sins are left to God to judge as those on Earth are only obliged to accord him  a descent send off.

Even in the Bible - which a cleric like Ssenyonga should know very well, humans are not meant to judge fellow humans. They should according to the angry christians be left to be judged by the almighty.

Yiga passed on on Monday at Nsambya Hospital where he was battling liver related sickness. He had been bedridden for over a fortnight.

He will be burried at his Church in Kasubi Kawala in Kampala.
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