Angela Katatumba About To Be Single Again

You Cant Want Something And Not Fight For It

By  | Jan 22, 2021, 09:22 AM  | Relationships

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She says she can’t fight to protect her man from snatchers

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Last year  singer, Angella Katatumba was dumped by Singer/songwriter/producer Daddy Andre for Singer Nina Rose.

After dumping Katatumba, on a publicized occasion, he went on to pay a visit to Nina’s parents to make his relationship official and to finally take Nina for keeps.

Of course, the news was received with a lot of emotions from Katatumba who felt like Andre took her for an option and not apriority.

We don’t know how long he had seen Nina for but what we know is that while he was with Angela, he helped her resurrect her dead music career but was not luck lucky enough to service her Congo.

Katatumba after the break up indicated that they broke up because Andre could not take an HIV test which was very paramount to her.

In a recent interview, Angela said that she is now in a relationship that is about 7 months old. 

Nobody knows who the mystery man is, asked why she was keeping him away from the public, Katatumba said she didn’t want to have her man put under pressure like they did Andre.

She also added that she is not hiding her man because she is afraid he will be snatched.

“I can’t fight for a man, if he can be taken by another woman, then that means he is a week and not for you,” she said.

Our guess here is that Angela is going to be single and crying very soon because Kampala’s Cassava hunters will not spare her man. After all, they are not easy to resist.

She has to put up a fight else, she will lose him like she did Andre
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