Bebe Cool's Children - Artists, Footballers, And Toddlers [Photos]

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Bebe Cool
The King of Gagamel is known for a lot of things, from his long career as a legendary musician, his long-standing feuds with fellow artists, his vocal political stand, and his generous heart.

Above all and everything, Bebe Cool is also known as a family man. He has been married to a beautiful woman called Zuena Kirema for more than twenty years and together they are raising a beautiful family of six children.

Today, we take a look at Bebe Cool’s children and reveal their names and where they are. Get ready for an overdose of cuteness.

Allan Hendrick Ssali

Allan Hendrick Ssali, source: Instagram

26-year-old Allan Hendrick Ssali, is the first of Bebe Cool’s children who was born on 16th August 1995 from Bebe Cool’s previous relationship with a woman who has chosen to stay clear from the public eye.

Allan Hendrick is a spitting image of his father, and he is also following in his father’s footsteps in music. As a musician, he goes by the name Paper Daddy and has a number of songs to his name.

Besides being a musician, Allan Hendrick is also well educated and holds a degree in software engineering from the International University of East Africa.

While many stepchildren don't have a working relationship with their stepparents, Bebe Cool’s first son’s relationship with his wife is differently amazing. Zuena treats Allan like the rest of her children and on many occasions posts him on her Instagram like a proud mama bear.

It should also be noted that even though Bebe Cool is a staunch Muslim, his first son Allan Hendrick practices the Christian faith like his mother.

Alpha Thierry Ssali

Alpha Thierry Ssali, source: Instagram

Bebe Cool’s second born and firstborn with Zuena Kirema is Alpha Thierry Ssali who was born on 29th December 2003 and is currently 18 years old.

Like his older brother, Alpha is also making a name for himself, but in a different field. While we are not very sure if Alpha can sing to save his life, we know for sure that he can dribble a ball, kick and score some impressive goals on the football pitch and save his team.

As if his life was already written when he was born, Alpha Thierry was named after former Arsenal footballer Thierry Henry.

The young Alpha Thierry has been playing football since he was little and besides playing in the Proline Soccer Academy senior team, Alpha was also selected to represent Uganda in the U-20 Hippos national team in 2021.

Alpha Thierry is clearly making his parents proud with his accomplishments, especially his father, who is a diehard football fan.

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Sophia Beata Ssali

Sophia Beatta Ssali, source: Instagram

Sophia Beata Ssali is the third of Bebe Cool’s children and his first daughter, who celebrates her birthday every 9th of January.

Beatta who is 15 years old as of 2022, has her mother’s beautiful skin and smile and we think that she could be a model if she wanted to.

When the 2019 UNEB exams were announced, Sophia Beatta, who was a candidate, performed exemplary well with 8 aggregates. Bebe Cool could not hide his happiness as he took to social media to celebrate her daughter’s results.

It also appears that Beatta might be another singer in the Ssali family; she once performed with her father on stage and it was adorable.

Caysan Ssali

Caysan Ssali, source: Instagram

Caysan Ssali is the fourth born of Bebe Cool’s children. Caysan celebrates his birthday every 13th of May.

Affectionately referred to as Mr. Swag by his family, it appears that Caysan has great dance moves. He was seen dancing in a past video of his sister- Beatta’s audition.

Deen Ozil Ssali

Deen Ozil Ssali, source: Instagram

The fifth of Bebe Cool’s children is a sweet boy called Deen Ozil Ssali. Born on 11th November 2015, Deen Ozil is seven years old.

There have been speculations that Bebe Cool named him Ozil after former Arsenal footballer Ozil, this might be true considering Bebe Cool’s love for Arsenal.

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Eman Ssali

Eman Ssali, source: Instagram

Eman Ssali is Zuena and Bebe Cool’s last-born daughter who is often referred to as "Daddy’s look-alike" by the family.

Eman was born four years ago on 29th November and she is so adorable, I mean just look at her. 

It is unclear whether the little Eman has begun her schooling.

We think that Bebe Cool is a truly blessed man and we also strongly believe that he is a great and loving father and husband, but that is our opinion. 

After reading all about Bebe Cool's children, what do you think?

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