What Happened To Bruno K's Wife?

Is he dating Faridah Nakazibwe?

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Bruno K
Bruno Kiggundu, also known as Bruno K, is a sensational musician from Uganda who came to the limelight in 2015 after participating in the Airtel Trace Music competition in which he emerged second.

Shortly after the Airtel Trace Music competition, Bruno K released his debut song Turning Me On featuring Rabadaba which was well-received and helped him launch his career in music.

His music aside, do you know who Bruno K’s wife and daughter are? Here is everything you need to know about the musician’s personal life.

Who is Bruno K’s wife?

Bruno K, source: Facebook

According to sources, Bruno K is currently not married and if he is then the identity of Bruno K’s wife has been kept a secret.

The musician had however been in a relationship some time back with a woman who was only identified as Nabasa Rachel which resulted in the birth of his only daughter- Briella.

It is unclear where and how Bruno K and his late baby mama met but some sources report that the two likely first interacted on social media where their chemistry blossomed before they met and dated.

Even though some netizens have been referring to the late Rachel as Bruno K’s wife, it appears that the two were never legally married.

What happened to Bruno K’s wife?

In December 2021, the mother of Bruno K’s daughter passed on after battling an illness that some speculated to have been cancer.

Following Rachel’s death, many people came up to castigate the musician for reportedly neglecting his wife in her time of need and not being there when she passed on.

One Facebook user who claimed to be the deceased’s cousin took to social media to bash Bruno K, alleging that he abandoned her and left her relatives to foot all the hospital bill and that it got to a point that he even refused to answer her calls.

Bruno K clapped back at the cousin for talking about Rachael online and saying nasty things reminding her that Rachael was a very private person who preferred to keep off social media and never wanted to be posted or mentioned anywhere online.

He further asked his fans who were asking him about the whereabouts of Rachael to give him and his daughter time to grieve in peace.

Bruno K’s daughter

Bruno K with his daughter, source: Instagram

Bruno K and the late Rachael Nabasa were blessed with a beautiful two-year-old daughter called Briella.

The cute little girl recently landed a brand endorsement deal with Imperial Leather. Shortly after landing the endorsement deal, a video of her and her father signing the contracts with the caption “On this day I became a Millionaire. Thanks to my paps she “was shared on her Instagram account that is run by Bruno K.

We are happy to see little Briella grow and achieve huge milestones at such a young age. 

Is Bruno K dating Faridah Nakazibwe?

Bruno K, Faridah and Briella, source: Facebook

Over the years, there have been rumours and speculations about Bruno K and popular NTVUganda host- Faridah Nakabizwe although the two have always denied the dating allegations.

The speculations have grown especially now that Faridah has actively taken the mother role of Bruno K’s daughter.

Like all the previous times, Bruno K yet again denied the dating allegations saying that he and Faridah are just best friends and she is the mother of Briella but they are not dating.

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