Celebrities You Didn’t Know Are Related

Fame and stardom runs in their blood

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Juliana Kanyomozi with Laura Kahunde
Most of these names don’t need an introduction. They have dominated the entertainment industry and have entertained us through the years with their talent in music, acting, dancing, and some have even tried a hand in politics.

But did you know that some of your favourite stars are related?

In the spirit of keeping you in the loop, we have compiled a list of your most established celebs who are related.

The Mayanja brothers

While Jose Chameleone’s name might be the most known of the Mayanja siblings, his brothers have created a path for themselves and are also doing great in the music industry.

The Mayanja brothers who have made massive contributions to the Ugandan music industry are Jose Chameleone (Joseph Mayanja), Weasel (Douglas Mayanja), Palasso (Pius Mayanja), and the late AK47 (Emmanuel Mayanja) who passed on more than six years ago.

Before working independently, Weasel and Palasso started as singers in their big brother’s group Leone Island.  Their late brother, AK47 also started his music career as a singer in Leone Island.

Other than being a great star, we also think that Dr.Jose Chameleone is a great big bro. He set up his younger brothers for success in the industry by creating a solid foundation for them.

We can’t wait to listen to all the hits that the Mayanja siblings have in store for us this year. 

Juliana Kanyomozi and Laura Kahunde

Juliana Kanyomozi is one of the most prolific stars in Uganda and she has thoroughly kept us entertained over the years.

We have danced to her music, watched her films, listened to her on the radio, and watch her grace our TV screens.

But did you know that Juliana has a young sister in the entertainment industry too?

Her name is Laura Kahunde and she is an actress who plays the role of Angela in NTV’s Second Chances.

Although the two sisters have had independent yet thriving careers, in 2014 they both appeared together in the film Bullion.

When we talk about families that have it all, then we are talking about Juliana Kanyomozi and Laura Kahunde.

MC Kats and MC Isaac 

If you thought that MC Isaac and MC Kats look alike then you have a good eye- these two MCs are full-blood brothers!

MC Kats whose real name is Edwin Katamba is  Lwanga John Isaac AKA MC Isaac’s, big bro. And while the two do their hustles separately, they have slowly but surely dominated Uganda’s TV and events as MCs.

MC Isaac who started his emceeing career quite later after MC Kats, cites his big brother as a role model.

At the moment, MC Isaac has a TV presenter gig at NBS TV alongside his other hustles. MC Isaac who is one of the most sought-after emcees in Uganda also has a gig at NBS TV.

Talk about career goals.

Bobi Wine and Eddy Yawe

We all know Bobi Wine for his work as a celebrated musician, actor, and controversial politician.

You have also heard of Eddy Yawe, who is a musician, producer, entrepreneur, and owner of Dream Studios.

Did you know that the two stars are brothers?

It appears that good genetics, musical talent, and political ambitions run deep in their bloodline.

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Jeff Kiwa and Allan Kiwa

You might have guessed from their surnames that these two are related.

Allan Kiwa is Jeff Kiwa’s younger brother, they have both put their mark on the entertainment scene as well-respected talent managers in charge of some of Uganda’s top artists.

Which celeb relatives shocked you the most? Let us know in the comment section. 

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