Check Out David Lutalo's Wife And Beautiful Family

Back together like they never left

By  | Aug 13, 2022, 01:08 PM  | David Lutalo  | Relationships

David Lutalo
Considered one of the finest musicians from Luweero, David Lutalo has been in the music industry since 2008 when he released his debut track under his own recording label Da Hares.

His first reception was great and over the years he has been able to build on it and grow a huge fan base with every new hit he releases.

David Lutalo who also dabbles as a music producer has over the years worked with other top musicians in the country including Bebe Cool, Eddy Kenzo, Solid Star and the Goodlyfe Crew just to name a few.

But while he has been so successful in his career, can the same be said about his personal life? Here is a look at David Lutalo’s wife and children as well as the speculations surrounding his marriage.

Who is David Lutalo’s wife?

David Lutalo's wife with the singer, source: Facebook

David Lutalo’s wife and mother of his children is a woman called Sharon Walukaga. Not much is known about Sharon except that she is a very beautiful Ugandan woman who was possibly the inspiration behind Lutalo’s hit song- Gunsitula.

The two have been through ups and downs in their marriage over the years with tabloids feeding on their relationship’s drama and adding salt to the couple’s relationship drama although the pair seem to value their privacy.

David Lutalo and Sharon Walakuga reportedly met in 2008 after he had released his debut song- Kapapala. The details about how and where they met or when the two exchanged vows have not been provided but at one point they used to be considered one of the hottest celebrity couples in Uganda.

In 2015, several online sources reported that David Lutalo and his wife had parted ways with claims of infidelity being pointed at David Lutalo’s wife who was accused of allegedly cheating on Lutalo with his former manager Derrick Orone. The couple did not reveal the real reason for their split.

After three years of being apart, David Lutalo and his wife Sharon reportedly got back together and since 2018, the couple has been inseparable.

Asked about why her wife is not a big personality on social media, the musician revealed that he likes keeping her off social media. He also revealed that he is a happily married man who is focused on balancing his career with his family life and hence has no time for side chicks.

David Lutalo’s children

David Lutalo with his wife and children, source: Facebook

David Lutalo and Sharon Walakuga are parents to two beautiful children- a boy and a girl but their names have not been revealed to the public.

Like his wife, David Lutalo’s children also lead very private lives and unlike most celebrity children, Lutalo has kept his children away from social media.

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