Donzella Wants Ex-boyfriend Back If He Puts In Work


By  | Dec 09, 2020, 08:44 AM  | Relationships

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 Flamboyant city socialite, Sheila Nadete also known as Donzella is in town for a festive season celebration. But she is not here only for the celebration, she wants to be legally married if musician  Ibrahim Mayanja alias Bigeye wants custody of the child, the two sired.

About five years ago, Donzella and Bigeye fell in love and for some time, they became the talk of the nation due to the status Bigeye had at the time.

Critics often questioned their relationship due to the big age gap between the two, while others thought the singer was in for the money.

Regardless,  the coupled sired a child names Bryton and continued to live together as husband and wife, in the process, the relationship inspired songs such as I am already booked, from Bigeye which took Uganda by storm.

Unfortunately, along the way, the couple had a publicized break up that eventually led to Donzella shaming Bigeye.

Don talked of how she supported the former husband’s career and how she was the one buying him food, paying rent, and doing everything for him.

Bigeye’s ego was badly bruised in that he fell into depression for some time before he got bad on his feet, but the truth remains, he has never been the same again after the breakup.

He has struggled through debts
, while his music career has also dwindled. He has been reduced to begging President Museveni for money which has fallen on the president’s deaf ears.

Donzella made off with the kids and later on made it a public secret that the daughter she sired with the musician, was not his.

Since then, the two have been in running battles for child rights but being that Donzella stays in America, it has been had for Bigeye to physically meet his alleged daughter-Bryton.

The demand for marriage according to Donzella is justified by what she says that Bigeye wasted five years of her time and the only way to recoup it is by him organizing a fresh marriage ceremony for her.

It's hard to imagine Bigeye pulling this off given his latest financial status where he has been struggling to even pay his rent. 

But if he can do it, then it would a step in the right direction.
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