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After divorcing the singer two years ago, Nichole Heyman Mayanja, the ex Pallaso wife, Pallaso has found love once more. Recent events also indicate that the stunning white babe is not embarrassed to flaunt the man who gives her butterflies in her stomach. Brandon Sowers has been revealed to be Nichole's latest flame and the competition to Pallaso wife.

Pallaso Wife

Pallaso (Facebook)

Since then, ex Pallaso wife has gushed about her prize catch, saying how fortunate she is to have found Brandon, whom she describes as a great man. "I feel very fortunate to have discovered such a wonderful man. I appreciate everything you do and you're the finest, baby! Happy National Boyfriend Day! I'm so happy," Nichole exclaims.

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Pallaso (Facebook)

Pallaso and ex Pallaso wife, Nichole are parents of two children. After leaving Uganda, she returned to her native America, where she ran into her new love. This comes just after Pallaso claimed he had hooked Hannah, the new woman who served as the inspiration for his new song "Hana."
Pallaso (Facebook)

Pallaso Biography

Pallaso is the stage name of Pius Mayanja, a recording artist, composer, producer, and cameraman from Uganda. He performs songs in Luganda, English, and occasionally Kiswahili. His preferred musical genres include R&B, Hip Hop, Dancehall, Afrobeats, and Afropop. His musical career began in 2000 with Leone Island, a band that belonged to his older brother, Dr. Jose Chameleone.
Pallaso (Facebook)

Later, he relocated to the United States, where he stayed for ten years before coming home to Uganda in 2014. When he got home, he started working on building his now-famous musical career and started the band "Team Good Music," which appears to be doing well in the Ugandan music industry.

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Musical Career

Pallaso started his musical career with the band Leone Island and performed under the alias Lizard. His brother Dr. Jose Chameleone, who produced Mudigidde, became his first single in 2003. After being performed for the first time on Radio Simba by Bobo King and Omulangira Ndawusi, the song received a ton of airtime and a positive audience reaction.

Pallaso left Uganda in 2006 and began working in the United States, where he also pursued a music career. He changed his name from Lizard to Pallaso while in America. He worked with The Mess, a local rapper while living in Lewiston, Maine. They worked together to create the Change album, which was published in 2013.
Pallaso (Facebook)

The song "Remain in Our Hearts," which Pallaso co-wrote with Shaggy and DJ Hidrro and published in 2014, was dedicated to the fallen heroes, particularly Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, and The Notorious B.I.G.

Later that year, Pallaso went to Uganda and started his musical career with the collaboration "Amaaso" with the Goodlyfe Crew. The song rose to the top of the charts and spent several weeks in various TV and radio musical rankings.

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Later, Pallaso worked on several solo musical endeavors, such as "Wekoledewo kaki," "Omugongo," and many others. Then he joined forces with Ugandan performer Sheebah Karungi to form the band Team No Sleep, with renowned music executive Jeff Kiwa serving as the group's manager. Later, rising musicians like King Saha, Ak47, and others would join the Team No Sleep collective.

With Sheebah, the group debuted "Mundongo," followed by "Go Down Low," which took up the 2015 HiPipo Music Awards for Best Afro Pop Song. Later, Pallaso collaborated with King Saha to produce the single "Tamale Mirundi" as well as several more hits, including "Kilabe embaliga" and "Sanyu lyange," a famous song by another Ugandan musician, Sweet Kid.

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He began working on a joint project with Nigerian rapper Davido in November 2014 for the song "Twatoba," which was released in January 2015. Along with other 2015 songs like "Ffe tuliko," "Tiwa Savage," "Mubambazanga," "Tebakusobolola," and many more, he also released this one. Pallaso split from Team No Sleep on May 19 to start his band, Team Good Music.
Pallaso (Facebook)


Pallaso was attacked recently by a xenophobic group in Johannesburg, South Africa, and was left in critical condition. The musician said in a live video on his Facebook page that as he and a companion were driving, a group of about 100 individuals attacked them with machetes, sticks, and stones. Is Pallaso the face behind the Twitter war between Ugandans and South Africans?
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